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Pigmented Dispersion for Printing Ink

  • Asha Penn Color offers Pigmented Dispersions in both Chip and Paste forms, covering a wide range of commonly used and Specialty Pigments for Printing Inks in various resin systems.

  • Following are the various dispersion range:
    • Nitrocellulose (Spirit Soluble as well as Ester soluble) based Pigmented Chip.

    • Polyamide based Pigmented Chip.

    • Vinyl Copolymer based Pigmented Chip

    • Styrinated Acrylic based Pigmented Chip for Water Base Inks

    • Polyvinyl Butyrate (PVB) based Pigmented Chip

  • The range can be extended to meet the specific Ccustomer requirement.

  • Application Area of the above Dispersions:
    Flexographic and Gravure Printing Inks for Packaging Industry as well as Silk Screen Inks for Novelty Applications.

Advantages of Pigmented Chip Dispersions Over the Conventional Bead Mill Dispersions:

  • Inks based on Pigmented Chip gives Better Gloss, Finish, Strength and Printability.

  • Pigmented Chip is easily dissolvable by high speed stirring to make Pigmented Dispersions.

  • Handling of Chip is very convenient as well as more environmentally friendly as no dusty pigments are involved during the manufacturing of Inks.

  • As the machine involved for making Inks is only the high speed stirrer, manufacturing plan is easier to meet the urgent requirement of customer.

  • Faster production is possible as only high speed stirrer is required for dispersion from Chips, in contrary to heavy bead mills for dry Pigments.

  • APC chooses its Pigments and Resins after a lot of cesearch and lab experiments; this gives the manufacturer the best value in terms of performance and cost.

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