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UV Curable Pigment Dispersions:

Asha Penn Color offers UV Curable Pigment Dispersions and Clear Coatings for a variety of industries and applications.

Asha Penn Color's UV Curable Pigment dispersions are easy to use pigment preparations having broad compatibility with a wide range of monomers and oligomers of the acrylate, methacrylate, and epoxy groups.
These dispersions have good flow properties, high pigment content; optimal shelf life i.e no change after 90 days at 50oC, and resist settling and flocculation.

Our standard line of pigment dispersions are used in a number of industries including Flexo inks for Labels and Narrow Web, Optical fibers, industrial coatings, and wood finishes.

UV Curable Coatings :

Asha Penn Color's high performance UV Curable Coatings are used for a wide range of applications. These coatings have outstanding flow and levelling with excellent curing capabilities.Listed below are various grades of UV Curable Coatings currently available.

Grade Industry Application
General Purpose UV Gloss Coating Packaging Flexo/Gravure/Roller Coating
Low Migration (BP Free) UV Gloss Coating Packaging Flexo/Gravure/Roller Coating
Duct Gloss UV Varnish Packaging Offset
Matt UV Coating Packaging Flexo/Gravure/Roller Coating
High Slip High Gloss UV Coating Playing Card Flexo/Roller Coating
High Gloss High Scuff UV Coating Flexible PVC & Leather Flexo/Gravure/Roller Coating

UV-Curable Dispersions for Wood Coatings :

Asha Penn Color offers a variety of UV-curable dispersions for use in Wood Coating applications. The pigments are dispersed in tri- or di-acrylate energy curable monomers at varying concentrations. Note that these dispersions DO NOT contain photo initiators. Instead, each is ready to be let down into a customer's conventional let-down formulation for their final applications. Formula alterations are also possible depending upon the customer's final formulation requirements.

The referenced products are currently manufactured at Penn Color, USA. Once established, they can be manufactured at Asha Penn Color, India.

The referenced products are currently manufactured at Penn Color, USA. However, these products will be manufactured at Asha Penn Color, India in future.

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